Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, 12/8 Buying Things, Doors, and Priming

So today wasn't the best day I have ever had. Josh and I spent about an hour waiting at Lowes to pick up a door I had special ordered. I have no idea what took them so long to bring it up to the front, but it was pretty annoying.

Anyway, besides for that it was a pretty good day. I bought a new mailbox and installed it today, as well as found a place that had oak crown molding in stock. I picked some up, and it will be stained tomorrow (its going on top of the cabinets).

Parke spent the day cleaning up and sanding the new front and back doors. They are going to look great, a huge improvement over the old doors!

My painter spent the day priming, mostly the window trim.

It was just a day of small jobs that needed to be done.

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  1. Looking good! you guys have been really busy! your hard work is paying off. can't wait to see the finished product!